Tükib Duyuru
Tükib Duyuru
Değerli Arkadaşlar
Dear Friends

We have established the Turkish-Kazakh Businessmen Association (TÜKİB) in order to find solutions at the highest level to the possible problems of our workers, businessmen and investors who have been working and investing in Kazakhstan for many years and brought their experience, knowledge and experience to this country, to level up the business cooperation with our existing relations, to expand the business volume between the two brother states, to strengthen our brotherhood ties.

TÜKİB is the only civil establishment in Kazakhstan, where Turkish companies that are working or want to work can receive reliable information and references, can explain their problems and can obtain clear results in solving problems.

At the same time, TÜKİB is the most right address for Kazakh businessmen wishing to do business or invest in Turkey or work with Turkish businessmen to find reliable connections and friends.

          With best wishes to my friends and business world!